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Frequently Asked Questions

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I teach a subject that is not specifically aligned with any of the modules. Can I still use them?
Yes! We encourage any interested teachers to review the curriculum modules to see how they could work in your classroom. We believe that the story of Defiant Requiem can speak to students across many different disciplines and we encourage you to adapt the modules if needed.

I teach in public school and I need to know if these modules are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. How can I find that out?
Each module and each lesson is aligned with the Common Core. If you enter the modules, you will see links to the standards that align with each lesson.

I have never taught the Holocaust before. Where can I go to find more information?
We have provided a resources page that may help. An excellent beginning resource is the Introduction to the Holocaust created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). For further learning, the museum’s website provides extensive additional information in the form of the Holocaust Encyclopedia and educator resources at

I want to use one of these modules but I don’t know much about the Jewish faith. What can I read to familiarize myself with the culture and religious beliefs of the primary victims of the Holocaust?
You may find this article, Introduction to Judaism, from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to be a helpful start.

I want to host a screening of Defiant Requiem or a teacher workshop in my community. How can I do this?
For information about hosting a screening of Defiant Requiem or a teacher workshop, please contact Alexandra Zapruder at

Who created these modules, and are they peer-reviewed?
The curriculum modules on this website were developed by staff and educational consultants to The Defiant Requiem Foundation and peer-reviewed by a curriculum review panel composed of private, public, and parochial teachers from the DC/MD area.

For more information about the Foundation, its mission, staff, Board of Directors, and the curriculum review panel, please view the About Us page.

Why do I need to register to download the lessons?
We request that teachers register with the website so that we can gain information about who is interested in our content and to provide updates about new materials or opportunities for teachers. We do not share or sell any information gathered on our website. To review our privacy policy, click here.